California has enrolled more individuals through its Affordable Care Act (ACA) then any other state exchange. With around 1.4 million enrolled by June 30, as indicated by new government data. California surpassed Florida – with 1.3 million trade enrollees as of the end of June – to have the most noteworthy health exchange enrollments,

Across the nation, 9.9 million U.S. Citizens agreed to the ACA. Around 7.2 million citizens obtained coverage through the government trade and 2.7 million acquired coverage through state-based exchanges.

Of the individuals who obtained coverage in California, 9,302 individuals who just acquired catastophic coverage; 350,225 purchased a bronze tier plan; 895,657 purchased a silver tier plan; 74,067 obtained a gold tier plan; and 64,316 purchased a platinum tier plan.

Covered California open enrollment for 2016 starts November 1, 2015, and closes January 31, 2016.

With such a large number of patients depending on state exchange to get their health care, it is considerably more important that doctor practices comprehend their participation status. For help checking your participation status, see the California Medical Association’s (CMA) “Surviving Covered California” tip sheets. These reports are accessible and allowed to individuals in CMA’s online asset library at

The CMA additionally keeps checking the issue of the health plan networks system registry for exactness. Last November, the California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) discharged the results of a review of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Covered California systems. In addition to other things, the review found that 12.8 percent of the doctors recorded on Anthem’s system were not accepting Covered California patients, while 12.5 percent were not listed in the location previously found in Anthem’s network directory.

On account of Blue Shield, just 56.7 percent of the doctors recorded in its Covered California index could be confirmed as “accepting”  Covered California patients. These known inaccuracies were consistent with the CMA and other nearby county medical society’s.