Covered California has extended its open enrollment period for 2016, a chance to apply for premium assistance tax credits and lower month costs for health insurance.

Covered CA Health Insurance deadline.

A large number of Californians will qualify for low cost health insurance.  Roughly 4/5 people will get help paying, from trusted companies such as Blue Shield PPO, Kaiser HMO, Anthem Blue Cross, and even some new plans like Molina Health Care.  Getting help is easy and free, and not only saves you thousands of dollars on healthcare, but hundreds of minutes in time.

In light of a large increase in interest for health insurance through Covered CA, the deadline for coverage enrollment starting 1/1 will be extended to 12/17.

So why the extension? With marketing dates missing deadlines, Covered CA will now have to adjust to the next surge of consumers who were previously unaware. In riverside county alone over Half a million are still uninsured, as well as counties like Sanoma county, LA county, and more.

Covered California has state “Our research indicates that one-third of those eligible to get financial help to buy insurance dont know it’s available”. More than 1.4 million people state wide are estimated to qualify for low-cost or even free health insurance. Enrollment can be done over the phone, or online by visiting and by searching for plans by household size, income, and zipcode.