Covered California 101

Health insurance can be confusing and overwhelming.  Picking the wrong plan could cost you thousands, or worse leave you stranded without health insurance coverage.  When you are ready to apply, it’s necessary to know about all the changes that happened in health insurance and how Covered California relates:metal tiers

  • Metal Tiers: Almost all health insurance plans available to individuals and small businesses are now categorized by four levels of coverage: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.As a rule of thumb Bronze is the least money per month, but the most money if anything happens (It has large deductibles, high co-pays, etc). Platinum is the most expensive per month, but usually the least out of pocket (lowest co-pays) if anything happens.  The Exception to that rule is any enhanced silver plan, which is the lowest out of pocket (co-pays and deductibles.  It is even lower than any of Covered Ca’s other tiered plans including gold and platinum.. That plan is for a specific income level, and only available if you land in a particular income level.) In addition to those four levels of coverage, a minimum coverage plan is available to those who are younger than 30 or can provide certification that they are without affordable coverage or are experiencing hardship.
  • Basic Essential Health Benefits: All health insurance plans offered in the individual and small-group markets in California must provide a minimum comprehensive package of services and covered options, known as essential health benefits. These Covered CA health options fit into 10 categories, and include services like prescription drugs, free checkups, mental health care, maternity, and ER services.
  • Pediatric Dental: All Covered California health insurance plans have  pediatric dental plans options as well. This means that dental insurance for kids will be included in the price of all health plans selected from Covered California. Also,  Covered California will have supplemental dental coverage options for adults in the new plans starting in 2016, via the Covered CA partner portal

Californians should explore their options and get their free quotes from the Covered CA Get Quotes page.  There you can find health insurance plans in CA that include financial aid to those that qualify.